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                    KUSTers, Welcome Back!

                    ★  ★



                    Welcome Back!

                    The magpies guide you

                    Jacaranda blooms for you

                    In romantic “Mayday”

                    Young boys and girls

                    Welcome back! 


                    ★  ★


                     On May 12th and 13th, some master’s students have been returning to KUST according to the arrangements of the university authorities. The once quiet and peaceful campuses became lively. Students returning to the campuses lined up for the security check at the school gates, at the nucleic acid detection sampling sites, and at the dormitories.



                    ★  ★


                    On the morning of May 12th, President WANG Xueqin and Vice President XIA Xueshan came to visit the returning students and the staff members. They expressed their welcome to the students, telling them to make self-protection against the COVID-19, and thanked all the staffs working on the sites.


                    President  WANG Xueqin inspects the work site for the returning of the students on Lianhua and Xinying campuses.


                    Vice President XIA Xueshan inspects the work site for the returning of the students. 


                    ★  ★


                    KUST Students returning to the campuses, before allowed to go back to their dormitories, should go through the strict procedures of temperature measuring, Health code scanning, submitting the certificate of approval for returning to KUST and nucleic acid test report, and luggagesterilizing. In spite of all these complexities of checking-up, every student followed the rules and cooperated actively with the working staffs for the sake of health and safety of the teachers, the students and the campuses. The students expressed their gratitude to the working staffs and teachers by saying, “You are so kind, and thank you very much for your hard work.” In quarantine and observation areas, waiting areas for nucleic acid test results, and the students’ communities, careful arrangements have made to make the returning students feel at home.


                    A tutor sending breakfast to the observation rooms at 7:30 a.m.


                    The Logistic Support Department providing fast food for the students in the waiting area for nucleic acidtest results, and the tutors coordinating the students to take food orderly


                    A dean visiting the students at nucleic acid testing area


                    The StudentsCommunity arranged waiting areas for students


                    The staff members cleaning and sterilizing the dormitories.


                    ★  ★


                    The students are very excited to be able to back to the campuses again. Let’s listen to what they say when returning to the familiar campuses after such a long “winter vacation”.


                    PAN Shuxiu, a master’s student with Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, back from Anqin, Anhui province

                    "With warm sunshine and comfortable breeze, I came into the campus. I can see that KUSTs COVID-19 prevention and control work has been doing very well from a series of arrangements such as disinfection, registration, and nucleic acid testing. Thank all teachers and all staff for their hard work. It is because of you that we can return to KUST securely."


                    GUO Yadong, a master’s student of Faculty of Transportation Engineering, back from Nanchong, Sichuan province.

                    "As a masters student graduating this semester, I have been missing the campus life at KUST very much. I wished to return to the university as early as possible. Entering the Chenggong Campus, I found the school has attached great importance to the epidemic prevention and control, and all has been well organized.I will follow the regulations and cherish my campus life."


                    Huang Haiyi, A master’s student of Faculty of Metallurgical and Energy Engineering, back from Fusui, Guangxi province.

                     "After having stayed at home for three months ever since the winter vacation, I was looking forward to come back to the school so much. I feel happy but anxious when I got the notification of returning to the school. What delighted me is that I will see my classmates again after such a long delay, and what annoyed me is the COVID-19 epidemic has not been over yet. When entering the campus, I saw the genial staff members, get the care of our supervisors and tutors. I should say thank you to them all for their selfless efforts and care of the students. What relieved me is the thorough arrangements for the epidemic prevention and control."


                    ★  ★


                    To be conscientious and loyal to our family and country;

                    To pursue knowledge and practice without regrets for glorious youth;

                    To be diligent and knowledgeable;

                               To practice, make innovations and persevere to become a useful person.

                               Hard-working, you are the most charming KUSTers!




                    Translated by: LV Chunxue, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

                    Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

                    Source: The President’s Office, Graduate Students’ Affairs Office,

                    Students’ Community Center (Chinese)


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