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                    Undergraduate Chinese Major Approved by Lao Ministry of Education and Sports

                    On May 8, according to a notice from the Ministry of Education and Sports in Laos,the Chinese major of undergraduate applied by Confucius Institute co-run by Souphanouvong University (SU) and KUST, has been approved officially by the Lao authority, marking the first Chinese major successfully established in northern Laos. The first enrollment of the major will cover the students in the nine provinces in  northern Laos, and start in the near future. The official approval also symbolizes that the Confucius Institute, as one of the quality projects of KUST in cooperation with universities along the "Belt and Road" route, has formally got an access to be a part of Laos’ higher education system.


                    With the establishment of Chinese major of undergraduate, the Confucius Institute in SU helps to provide the students in northern Laos with a professional platform and resources for Chinese learning so as to train more Chinese talents. Besides, this major will offer more chances of practical training and employment to students of International Chinese Teaching major of KUST as well as teacher exchange projects.


                    The Confucius Institute in SU was jointly established and inaugurated by KUST and SU in July 2018. In early January 2019, after the official launch, the Confucius Institute started to take active efforts to consult with the administer departments of SU about promoting the application of Chinese major of undergraduate. Base on the education reality of the north in Laos and the schooling conditions of SU, the Confucius Institute has worked together with the School of Languages in SU for more than 6 months to formulate the curriculum system and talent training plan of the Chinese major and submitted them to the Ministry of Education and Sports in Laos.



                    Translated by: LI Meilin, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

                    Source:School of International Education (Chinese)

                    Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)

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