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                    KUST, WE ARE BACK!

                    Summer arrives; Flowers are still blooming.

                    KUST welcomes you back.

                    The Spring City endows the miles of fragrance,

                    And KUST would like to see your big smiles again.


                    Accounts of the students’ returning to KUST on May 11th  





                    Finally, we get you back.



                    At 8:29 AM, LI Zhongwei (Ph.D. student, Grade Three, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering), the first student coming back to the university for the Spring Semester of 2020, arrived at No.10 Gate of KUST Campus at Langxi Street.



                    TAO Lei of Faculty of Environment Science and Engineering, XUE Yufei of Faculty of Science, LUO Siqi of Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation and LIU Yi of Faculty of Chemical Engineering and many other are arriving.


                    After a super-long vacation because of the COVID-19, some KUSTers finally got back to the campus.



                     Welcome back.



                    LI Li, Vice Chair of the KUST Committee, YI Jianhong and SHU Hongchun, Vice presidents of KUST, are making on-site inspection on the first day of KUSTers’ returning for the spring semester of 2020.


                    At the gate, a counselor is explaining to the students the procedure of returning to KUST.


                     The staffs are registering and checking the information of each and every student and disinfecting their luggage.


                     A thermometer and the manual for the COVID-19 prevention are offered to each student returning to the campus.


                         The staff carefully checked the students’ results of nucleic acid test.


                     Special medical tests were made ready for the students who did not take nucleic acid testing before returning to school.


                    The students are waiting for the results of nucleic acid test in the waiting area.


                    Students with normal nucleic acid test results entered the dormitory orderly.



                    We are back.



                    LI Weizhong, Ph.D. student, Grade Three, coming from Lincang City, Yunnan Province


                     “Since I have scientific research projects, I hope I can get back to school as soon as possible, so I decided to return to school early in the morning. Back to the familiar campus, I am happy to see the teachers and classmates. On the first day returning to school, I felt very steadfast when I see that everything is in control under the exhaustive measures of the epidemic prevention. Thumb-up to KUST!”


                    LUO Siqi, Ph.D. student, Grade One, coming from Dali City, Yunnan Province


                     “After four months of vacation, I finally returned to the familiar campus. Although it was winter when I left and it is summer when I come back, the feeling is still the same. The sunny day is a perfect time for me. I believe the restarted life with scientific research will certainly be exciting.”


                    WANG Fangfang, Ph.D. student, Grade One, coming back from Zhoukou City, Henan Province


                    “Students have experienced disinfection, registration, nuclei acid testing before entering the dormitories. To avoid keeping the students waiting for too long, the staff members try their best to complete all work in the shortest time. The teachers and staff members are very kind, helping us carry luggage and appease our emotions. Thank you for your hard work! We finally return to KUST!”


                    JI Wentao, Ph.D. student, Grade One, coming back from Bengbu City, Anhui Province


                    “As one of the first batch of students back to school, I am so excited. KUST has made the arrangements so well that every student returning feels very warm inside. Especially on the first day of returning, I want to thank all staff for their meticulous care to us.”



                     We are ready for your coming back.



                    Do you miss the food in the canteens? The canteens serve a rich variety of dishes.



                    More than 2,000 dormitories in different communities for back-to-school students have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, so that students can accommodate assuredly. 



                    What are these two “giants”? One night before the students returned to school, the Air-source Heat Pump Water Heater arrived at KUST. The winter without warm bath? Say goodbye!


                    The students in Xinying Campus are also assured that the campus has also carried out emergency response drills and made full preparations for the returning of the students.



                    Welcome back to KUST 

                    Safe and sound.




                    Translated by: YANG Fuyu, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

                    Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

                    Source: Office of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control, Division of  Graduates’ Work, Students’ Community Center, Division of  Campus Security, Center for Logistical Support, KUST

                    Hospital, City College (Chinese)

                    Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)



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