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                    Prof. Na Jing Participates in Yunnan Talent Portrait & Recorded Yunnan Young Top Talents Video

                    Prof. Na Jing has many honors such as the winner of "China Youth May Fourth Medal" "National Excellent Teacher" and so on. Born in 1982, he is currently a professor at Dynamics and Control in KUSTs Faculty of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. After obtained his PhD in Beijing Institute of Technology, Na Jing has been with ITER Organization, France, as a Monaco/ITER postdoctoral Fellow, and University of Bristol, UK, as a Marie Curie Fellow. Hence, he returned to Yunnan, his hometown and joined KUST as he was determined to give his own experience in the field of modeling and control of complex electromechanical systems and train high quality students in his hometown. He is deemed to be energetic and active in thinking and distinctive in personality. In Na Jing's laboratory, we can find not only a lot of sophisticated experimental facilities for robot modeling and calibration, but also various small prototypes constructed by his group.



                    In 2018, Prof. Na Jing was awarded the "Young Talents" special project, which helped him make new breakthroughs in the scientific research and teaching. In terms of scientific research, Na Jing has mainly focused on the fundamental theoretical studies on the intelligent control and explored their particular applications to robotics, servo systems vehicle systems and renewable energy systems, etc., which led to many high-level publications and patents, and help to establish long-term collaboration with industrial partners, e.g., Jaguar& Land River, TATAMotor. In 2019, he was also awarded highly competitive Outstanding Young Scholar of National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Yunnan Municipal Distinguished Young Scholar. With the strong support of KUST and the faculty, he is leading a "Robot Technology" group which collects several young, energetic and active researchers. In the past 2 years, he has supervised 2 international students, 1 PhD student and 6 MSc students, who have obtained their degrees. Apart from the scientific research and teaching, Na Jing has also actively participated in many professional service in the filed. He has hosted several well-known international conferences and served as Chair of the Program Committee of ICMIC 2017 and Co-chair of DDCLS2019, contributing to the promotion of academic reputation of relevant disciplines in Yunnan.



                    Recently, Professor Na Jing, as a representative of the young top talents listed in the "High-level Talent Cultivation Support Plan of Yunnan Province", was invited to record the "Young Talents" and "Young Top Talents" special programs of Yunnan Talent Portrait, and completed the recording of the promo video of young top talents in Yunling Pioneer Network.



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