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                    Drought Resistance & Water Supply for Poverty Alleviation——KUST's Working Team Is Working Hard

                    Water supply is a major issue related to poverty alleviation and people’s livelihood. Since March this year, water shortage has swept Xuanwei city as a result of the dry weather, impacting the daily life of some villagers to some extent. The working team dispatched to the village by KUST actively has cooperated with the local government of Yangchang town in Xuanwei city and the three village committees of Puwa, Ciying and Tuchang in Yangchang town to investigate water supply conditions. The team effectively played its role in applying for projects, organizing the masses, mobilizing social forces, and enhancing publicity.


                    Inspecting water supply conditions to find out the problem


                    According to the group-assignment division of labor, team members went to each village group respectively to inspect the water supply conditions. They checked every tap in each household for the normal water flow and volume, and the water-storage capacity of water tanks.  As soon as they found some problems, they asked for details, took notes, reported to and worked with the cadres of the villages and the town to find out solutions to those problems through mutual discussion and make plans to help the villagers deal with the problem of drinking water as soon as possible.


                    Strengthening Pipeline Maintenance and Unblocking the Pipelines


                    Due to the early implementation of the drinking water project in Yangchang town and the long-term lack of maintenance of the pipeline network system, some village groups suffer poor water supply. Thus, the team started with the details, checked the pipelines in sections, assisted the village cadres to find out the reason why the water pipes were blocked. Through replacing some pipes and their fittings, cleaning out clogs and other methods, all the defective water pipes have already been repaired, and the smooth drinking water supply is now ensured.



                    Mobilizing Social Forces to Install Water Diversion Facilities


                    Due to the serious shortage of water from the original water source, the water tank of the Heyitou Group in Puwa Village is sometimes short of water, seriously affecting the normal production and life of the villagers. In order to help Heyitou Group tackle with problem of insufficient water supply, the team members actively mobilized social forces and raised 6,000 yuan from the Shanghai Alumni Association of KUST to build the new water source diversion project for Heyitou Group. They also went to many water source sites to select a suitable water source with the cadres of villages and the town, group leaders and villager representatives, then jointly studied and worked out the construction plan together. In order to solve the water shortage as soon as possible, the team and the local village committee actively mobilized the masses and quickly convened more than 30 villager volunteers for the construction. With people and horses carrying building materials together,  digging diversion canals, laying new water pipes and unblocking old ones, a new water source was successfully led to the water tanks and to all the villager households through joint efforts. This charity project has benefited more than 40 households with accessible drinking water and enabled the villagers to drink water in happiness.



                    Assisting in the Application of Emergency Water Supply Projects to Alleviate the Inadequate Water Supply


                    Impacted by the dry season, the water source of the second group of Tuchang Village often dries up seasonally, resulting in that and the daily production and life of more than 250 persons from more than 90 households have been affected seriously by the insufficient water supply. To deal with this problem, villagers could only pump water from a large water well. However, due to the limited water outflow of the well, the problem of insufficient water supply has not been completely solved and a new water source is in urgent need. Therefore, the team dispatched to the village actively assisted the Village Committee of Tuchang village in drafting the plan for the new water source and applying for the project funds. The project was reported to and strongly supported by the township government of Yangchang town. Seeing that the clear water gushed out of the well dug to the depth of 4 meters rather than the planned 20 meters, the team members were over the moon. This newly water source  effectively alleviates the insufficient water supply of the second group in Tuchang village. In the meantime, the team also drafted a Notice on Drinking Water Security and sent it to the villagers to let them know the measures taken for and the progress of drinking water security so as to avoid the villagers’ misunderstandings.



                    Holding a Mass Meeting to Promote the Establishment of a Water Management and Utilization Mechanism.


                     “No one is in charge, no money is used in management, and no results are achieved” are the common problems for the rural drinking water management in our country at present. In order to make villagers cherish water resources and use water wisely, the team cooperated with the cadres of villages and the town to solve the problems related to water management and utilization. Through the party-mass night school, party-mass meetings and other local gatherings, the team members explained the policies to the villagers, persuaded and guided villagers to make joint efforts in the water price negotiation, the water management personnel election, the water meter installation for each household, and the charge collection by water volume, which has promoted the establishment of a long-term mechanism for water management and utilization. The goal of "who invests, who owns, who benefits, and who manages" is also achieved to ensure the long-term drinking water security for the masses by saving water and retaining water.



                    Vigorously Publicizing the Announcement of Water Utilization Like Broadcasters in the Village


                    In order to further improve the villagers’ awareness of water conservation, and let them know how to manage water according to the relevant laws and regulations, use water wisely, and save water consciously, the team members dispatched to Puwa Village made use of the village’s broadcasting facilities and acted as the broadcasters in the village. They broadcast the water management, water conservation and water protection mechanisms at regular time every day, and also vigorously publicized the water use announcement to Puwa villagers in terms of water supply time, management and protection of the water supply facilities, water conservation and payment system. They also encouraged all the villagers to start from themselves and contribute their own share to a better water utilization. The team dispatched to Ciying Village actively guided the masses to use and drink water scientifically, cherish water resources. The team also helped the village committee to set water-charge collection standards and install water meters in each villager's household, and publicize the drinking water management methods, so that everyone could learn more about the water supply conditions, understand the policies, cherish water resources, earnestly cooperate with the water management work, and solve the problem of water shortage with joint efforts. 



                    Translated by: Wang Qian, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

                    Source: Office of Poverty Alleviation (Chinese)

                    Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)




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