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                    KUST MOOC Launched on the International Platform FUN-MOOC of France

                        Since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, countries around the world have been advancing massive online education and teaching. China with the largest number of MOOCs and students in the world has set the overarching goal for its development to produce a batch of world-class MOOCs taught in English with Chinese characteristics, which will be accessible to the countries around the world for the online teaching.



                      On April 1, the MOOCA Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette, produced by Associate Professor LI Yuanyuan of KUST, was launched on FUN-MOOC of France upon the recommendation of platform XuetangX and the evaluation by international experts. This MOOC is not only the first course in Yunnan Province being launched on an international platform, but also the third one in Chinese Mainland being launched on the FUN-MOOC, an international platform in France. This successful launch of the MOOC marks a new milestone for the internationalization of MOOC development in KUST. The subtitle translation of this course was undertaken by the teachers and students of MTI Education Center of Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures of KUST.



                       A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette, a high-quality MOOC, embraces both the Chinese characteristics and an international vision. Since August, 2018, this course has been launched on five domestic MOOC platforms --- XuetangX, Zhihuishu, Uooconline, China University MOOCs and Superstar and more than 76.3 thousand students from 200 colleges and universities have been taking this online course.


                        For Chinese learners, this course can help them master the basic knowledge and skills about business etiquettes and thus improve their etiquette manners and professional competence; for international learners, it can help them learn about the Chinese workplaces, Chinese etiquettes and cultures, which will help boost their international career in the future.



                       FUN-MOOC International Platform, a French national MOOC education platform, was established in 2013, taking its place beside the American MOOC platforms such as edX and Coursera. It devotes to providing high-quality teaching resources to the French and French-speaking people and cooperating with international colleges and universities for lifelong learning services. It is reported that the platform has established cooperative relations with more than 140 world-renowned institutions of higher learning and institutions in France and the rest of the world. It has launched 41 subjects and more than 600 high-quality massive open online courses with 2 million online learners from 120 countries.


                       Presently, KUST has upheld the guiding principles ofAGuideline toDeepen theReform ofChinasUndergraduateEducation andTeaching andImprove the Quality ofUniversities’Talent-cultivationissued by Ministry of Education of PRC to develop “Internet+” Education and promote the in-depth integration of information technology and education. Policies have been put into practice to encourage the production and application of high-quality massive open online courses and the courses are actively promoted throughout the world, thus forming a upgrading trend in educational modernization of KUST.


                    Links to the course of A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette are as follows:

                    The international platform FUN MOOC:






                    China University MOOC:




                    Translated by: YANG Fuyu, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Edited by: WANG Ying, School of International Education

                    Issued by: Division of Overseas Cooperation (English)

                    Source: Office of Academic Administration, City College, Information Construction and Management Center, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (Chinese)

                    Edited by: KUST News Center (Chinese)




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