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                    School of International Education steadily Promoting the Teaching of Online Courses

                    Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, KUST's School of International Education has strictly implemented the relevant regulations on the epidemic prevention and control issued by the Ministry of Education, Education Department of Yunnan as well as KUST to perform well the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and online teaching management. Since the new-semester beginning of the online courses on March 2, the School has been steadily promoting the online teaching for international students in many aspects through multiple-channels.



                    In order to cope with the difficulties such as time difference and network instability in different regions where the international students are located, teachers have made careful preparations and formulated the "three plans for each lecture" in accordance with the requirements of KUST. Teaching materials such as PPT files have been fully prepared by the teachers before the lectures including  sending e-books to the students and recording teaching videos and audios. Teachers use a variety of teaching methods in the class to effectively organize classroom teaching, which greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of students’ interactions in classroom activities. After class, teachers do the online question-and-answer counseling, assignment review and timely feedback of problems in terms of students’ learning as well as sending teaching materials to students so that the teaching quality of online courses is guaranteed throughout the whole process of teaching. The international students actively cooperate with the School and KUST to meet the requirements on online learning and teaching during the epidemic prevention and control, earnestly prepare for learning and actively participate in online courses.


                    For ensuring the online teaching in a orderly manner, the School of International Education organized teachers to make teaching plans, establish contacting groups for each class and each course and supervise the number of the international students both within China and outside China joining in the class and course group. The School organized the teachers to be trained for using online teaching platforms or tools in teaching, such as Rain classroom, Superstar and Tencent meeting, Dingtalk and Zoom. The teachers not only collected materials related to Chinese teaching, but also made full use of online course platforms such as MOOC, Chinese Academy Online, Online Confucius Institute (Hanban) and , Beijing Language and Culture University and of electronic teaching materials to provide students with rich teaching contents.


                    Taking the opportunity of launching online courses, the School of International Education aims at improving teachers’ online teaching abilities and integrating teaching resources  , and taking full advantage of online teaching platforms to find suitable teaching methods for students. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the quality of teaching, the School of International Education will regularly monitor the teachers’ online teaching, communicate with teachers and give feedback to them in time so that the international students’ Chinese application ability can be improved by means of effectively guaranteeing the teaching quality of online courses.



                    Translated by:Yu Wenjiao,Faculty of Foreign Language and cultures

                    Edited by: REN Zhaoying, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures

                    Issued by:Division of Overseas Cooperation(English)

                    Source:School of International Education

                    Edited by:KUST News Center(Chinese)







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