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                    Announcement on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Imported COVID-19 Case in Yunnan

                    March 17, 2020

                    Command of Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and People’s Government of Yunnan Province


                    To prevent and control imported COVID-19 cases, the Command of Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and People’s Government of Yunnan Province specified ten measures in the Announcement No. 12 dated March 3, 2020. In view of the evolving situation of the pandemic, the following arrangement is hereby made to further strengthen the prevention and control of imported COVID-19 cases:

                    1. Everyone who comes/returns to Yunnan and has international travel history within the last 14 days, including foreign nationals and Chinese citizens (Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents included), shall be placed under 14-day quarantine in designated centers for medical observation. The food and accommodation during the quarantine period shall be at their own expense. Medical professionals and staff will be stationed in the quarantine centers, and provide warm services.

                    2. For people entering Yunnan from overseas for transit, those who have such symptoms as fever or cough shall be transferred to designated medical institutions for diagnosis, and those who have no symptoms shall be allowed to proceed to their next destination, where the Command of COVID-19 Prevention and Control shall be notified. If there is a need to stay overnight and transit the next day, these people will be properly arranged to send to the designated hotels, in which the food and accommodation shall be at their own expense.

                    3. The medical expense of the imported cases covered by basic medical insurance system (BMIS) shall be reimbursed according to relevant regulations. People who are not covered by BMIS shall bear their own medical costs; if they do have difficulties, those who are determined eligible shall be provided with medical assistance according to relevant laws and regulations. The medical expense of people with commercial health insurance shall be covered by commercial insurance companies according to the contract.

                    4. Authorities and public institutions at all levels, businesses and hotels in Yunnan shall fulfill their duties in registering people returning/coming from overseas, monitoring their health, and reporting to relevant authorities. Grid-based community management shall be strengthened to “leave no household, no one behind” during the screening process. The general public is encouraged to report those people returning/coming from overseas who conceal their international travel history or disobey a quarantine order to community committees and public security organs.

                    5. Everyone who enters Yunnan and has international travel history within the last 14 days shall make a truthful declaration of health conditions. Those who deliberately conceal their history of international travel or contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases, or their own health conditions, or refuse to observe the prevention measures, such as taking medical tests and quarantine in designated centers, shall be listed as defaulters in their citizens’ credit records and shall be held legally liable.

                    6. This announcement will come into force on the date of its issuance. All other matters not covered herein shall be subject to the regulations in the Announcement No. 12. In case of any discrepancy between this Announcement and the Announcement No. 12, this Announcement shall prevail.


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